Russia, Сhelyabinsk,
Lesoparkovaya st. 6
+7 (351) 731-22-22

English Pub «Big Ben»

Accommodates 60 places

+7 (351) 211-58-25, +7 (351) 265-40-30

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Mon-Sat: from 14:00 to 03:00
Sun: Closed

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Business lunch / dinner, breakfast
Sports Bar
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Soup of the day – WHISKEY! Are you tired after a long day of negotiations and business meetings? If yes, come get your beer moustaches on! Or, may be, you are up to something more hot and strong?

We serve a wide selection of European and international draught brands as well as an amazing array of malt whiskies, blends and bourbons.

Watch your favourite football team on TV, listen to live music or simply relax in a friendly British atmosphere in an English pub ambience.

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