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Lesoparkovaya st. 6
+7 (351) 731-22-22

English Pub «Big Ben»

Accommodates 60 places

+7 (351) 211-58-25, +7 (351) 265-40-30

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Mon-Sat: from 14:00 to 03:00
Sun: Closed

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Big Ben - the classic English pub with a nice atmosphere, European cuisine and a large selection of well-known brands of beer. Big Ben Pub - a place where there are friends, colleagues, communicate, are unhurried conversation, business meetings or relaxing after a hard day, rooting for your favorite football team. You can play chess or reckless calm darts, talk to the bartender or dance ... I would like to note that the Big Ben Pub as in this pub smells good tobacco and wood.

Here you are always ready to offer a choice of hot dishes, various snacks for beer, and of course, the much-loved British «fish & chips» - fish and chips. Well, the best grades of beer, ale, cider and whiskey always flow like water ... Now for the true feelings of the British idyll and dimensions do not need to go to the foggy England, and just need to look for a second at Big Ben Pub and hear the bell above the bar and the traditional "Time gentlemen, please! ».

Big Ben is one of the most recognizable symbols of England. For a half-century of existence of the clock tower in the center of London has become firmly associated with all that brings the spirit of this island nation.

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