Russia, Сhelyabinsk,
Lesoparkovaya st. 6
+7 (351) 731-22-22

Vip-hall restaurant «Voice»

Accommodates Up to 20 people
Up to 20 people provided VIP-hall

+7 (351) 731-22-22, +7 (904) 808-88-00

from 07:00 to 24:00

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Vegetarian dishes
Business lunch / dinner, breakfast
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VIP-hall of the European Restaurant "Voice" is ideal for small (up to 18 people), family celebrations or meetings with friends when guests want to get together for one big table and retire from prying eyes.

The hall is also suitable for a business lunch or dinner with business partners, where there is an opportunity to discuss all the nuances, resolve issues without leaving the table.

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